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Treatment Forms

Diary Cards
Diary Card instructions
Standard card (adult)
Depression/anxiety (adult)
Diary Card - Parents

DBT and CBT worksheets
Activities Log
Thought Log - Standard
Thought Log - Worry
Pros and Cons

DBT Skills Manuals

Adult skills manual
Shame/Guilt handout
Teen/Family skills manual

DBT Skills Videos and Books

Skills training overview (emotion diagram)
DEAR MAN assertiveness (27 minutes)
DBT diary cards
Wise Mind
Radical Acceptance
Mindfulness of Thoughts
Paced Breathing long version / Short version
DBT YouTube Videos
Linehan skills videos
Reading and Video List

DBT Paced Breathing Skill

Breathing Training videos:
Short version (for clients)
Full version (for therapists)
10 Breath Pace Test

Biofeedback Devices & Software:
Heartmath (recommended)(software, handheld device, phone app)
My Calm Beat (software, phone app)
Somatic Vision (biofeedback video games)
Breath Sync (phone app)
Belly Bio Interactive Breathing (phone app)

Other Resources


Psychiatrists who treat BPD patients

Web sites:
Project Borderline - nonprofit BPD organization by NFL star Brandon Marshall
Healing from BPD - BPD/DBT resources and blog

Mental health apps and software:
DBT Diary Card - DBT diary card and skills reference app
MY3 - suicide prevention app
Operation Reach Out - suicide prevention app geared toward military personnel
NAMI air - support and connection for mental health issues
Lumosity - Brain fitness games for improved cognition (online and app)
Mindfulness clock